Osnabrück – Kigali – Tel Aviv-Jaffa! Sport for Development and Peace activities across three FLG-countries

This weekend, the 6th of April 2019, proceeds the seventh International Day of Sport for Development and Peace – a special holiday defined by the United Nations General Assembly (UN) in 2013. The date was chosen following the opening of the first Summer Olympics of modern times in Athens in 1896. The associated values such as tolerance, fairness, teamwork, mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and solidarity are a welcome occasion for Football Learning Global to arrange special FLG event days:

1) From the first to the fifth of April a project week will take place at the Möser Realschule in Osnabrück (Germany), during which the values and experiences of street football will be transferred to the social practices in classes and school communities. Students (5th to 9th grade; youths with and without refugee or migration experience) will bring together their perspectives in encounter and diversity workshops, bring them into understandable visual language with the help of the illustrator and intercultural trainer Yorgos Konstantinou and publish them in an interactive exhibition this Friday for the entire school community and all interested parents. In addition, the perspectives on diversity will be expressed in hip-hop texts to record a street football and diversity hymn for the school during the next weeks. Both groups also have special visits during the week: Marcelline from Esperance (Rwanda) brings in her experience, knowledge, and biography and will realize workshops on the global dimension.
More about the work on diversity and encounter in the context of Football Learning Global can be found here.

2) In Kigali (Rwanda) the baton will be taken over on Saturday: The sixth of April is an important date in Rwanda. On this day in 1994, the then President Juvenal Habyarimana was killed when his plane was shot down during its landing to Kigali. Then the violence escalated. It culminated in a genocide in which more than 800,000 people died within 100 days. These terrible events still shape politics and life in Rwanda today. On this Saturday – 25 years later – a 100-day commemoration begins in Rwanda, which the Football Learning Global organization Esperance actively organizes and celebrates in Kigali and in its center.
Rwanda and Esperance are the topics of a completely new teaching package to teach and learn more about the context Rwanda and, among other things, the genocide. Here an insight.

3) Sunday morning, Kigali will pass the baton to Tel Aviv-Jaffa (Israel): There, young people of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation organize a local-global Diversity World Cup for Arabic and Hebrew-speaking young people in mixed teams, which gather points for all Football Learning Global Countries. With their engagement, they are committed to positive cooperation in diversity and open their eyes to diversity in other FLG contexts. And they assume a special role within the Diversity World Cup: this 40th local street football diversity tournament marks the end of the first FLG diversity season and the start of the second. On Sunday it will be decided which country will win the symbolic first trophy!

Cristian Vera (Cerro Navia/Chile) introduces himself


04.05.2017 | Between the end of April and the end of July Cristian will stay at KICKFAIR in Germany. He introduces himself:

“Hello, my name is Cristian, I am 18 years old and I am coming from Santiago de Chile. I am part of the organization “Chigol”. I became involved in 2008 as a player. Some years later, in 2012, Chigol realized a project at my school. An this is when I was qualified as a streetfootball mediator. Meanwhile, I am working as a volunteer with Chigol running programs with youngsters at different schools.

With my work stay at KICKFAIR, I am hoping to make new experiences and learn new things. What interests me most is the work KICKFAIR does at schools – the methodologies and processes, because this is where I see myself on the long run with Chigol- working with schools. I hope I will be successful here as I am in Chile.”

Global FLG project Children`s Rights


2017 | Chile is the Children’s Rights World Champion!!! After 27 tournaments, 811 points scored on the global table, and hundreds of workshops worldwide about street football and children’s rights, Chile has earned the title of 2016 champion!

The Children’s Rights World Cup kicked off in March 2016 in Cambodia and toured around the world before ending shortly before Christmas in northern Brazil. There were tournaments, diverse workshops, public presentations, and street football events at schools, youth centres and community centres at KICKFAIR (Germany), Chigol (Chile), Formaçao (Brazil), Salt Academy/Mighty Girls (Cambodia), Espérance (Rwanda), Hodi (Kenya), Peres Center for Peace (Israel/Palestine), Centro para el desarollo de la inteligencia, and Paí Pukú (both in Paraguay).

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CHIFAIR: Youth Meeting between KICKFAIR and CHIGOL


08.12.2016 | Over a period of two weeks, young people and youth leaders from CHIGOL will be guests at KICKFAIR. The focus of the trip is to learn from and with one another, and to exchange thoughts on educational work with street football. This goal will be reached through a number of diverse activities. First, the young people and youth leaders will be integrated into daily life at the KICKFAIR office. They will have the opportunity to experience KICKFAIR’s project work first-hand and to discuss with the whole KICKFAIR team on a daily basis. The young Chileans will also be taking a closer look at their own biographies in order to share and pass on their life stories and experiences in the form of posts, texts, photos, and videos.  

In addition, the young people and youth leaders from Chile will visit a number of other project groups and KICKFAIR partner schools in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Tübingen, Speyer, Erlangen, and Munich. They will have the chance to discuss their daily realities, to compare their experiences with street football, and to share their views on local and global problems.

The meeting and associated preparation will take place with the cooperation and support from the Goethe Institute.

National FLG School Meeting in Germany


24.11.2016 | The 2016 national school meeting opened with a colourful video of messages from international FLG partners. From November 20 to 22, over 100 committed teachers and students from KICKFAIR partner schools across Germany met in Stuttgart for exchanges, workshops, and further development of shared materials and concepts.

In addition to the general discussion about KICKFAIR’s educational concept for global learning at schools, this year’s meeting focused on the project “Street Football and Children’s Rights” as a central theme. With the help of our guidebook, which is available in four languages, over 2000 young people in the international learning cooperative engaged with the topic this year. During the teacher meeting, participants discussed successes and challenges and developed ideas about how to further use the guidebook to deepen project work around the topic.

The meeting also featured new KICKFAIR learning modules. What the teachers discussed in theory, the students put into practice.

This included new formats for interactions between young people with different cultural backgrounds (and with and without histories of escape). For example, activities such as “Maps”, “Learning with Football Hexagons”, “Street Football Meets Photography” and learning about the newly created picture cards, which make shared learning possible without words.

These learning modules will be further developed and systematised with the help of experiences and feedback from both adults and children.

A small selection of young people wanted to document the national meeting themselves through photo and text. Another group wanted to take a closer look at the 2017 KICKFAIR Festival and they organised a future workshop to gather initial ideas.

With the end of the event on Tuesday, joint activities between the schools have been set until the end of the school year in summer 2017.

National Meeting of all KICKFAIR Collaboration schools across Germany will meet in Stuttgart


09.11.2016 |  From the 20th to the 22nd of November, 100 teachers and students of the Football-Learning schools across Germany will meet in Stuttgart. The Agenda focuses on the analysis of the international project “streetfootball and children rights” 2016, the exchange on experiences of new moduls in the KICKFAIR educational concept (mainly the encounter work between youngsters with and without a current refuge background) and the a general exchange on the work with the KICKFAIR concept at schools.

Based on that, the contents for the collaboration work in 2017 will be set up.

During the event, a documentation group (build by students from different Football Learning Global schools) will report from the event on facebook.

Global FLG project Children`s Rights 2016


2016 | Streetfootball and Children’s Rights, that is the current common “Football-Learning-Global” Project of the year 2016. Between March and December 2016 a variety of workshops and streetfootball- events will take place in Chile, Brazil, Cambodia, Rwanda, Kenia, Paraguay, Germany and Israel/Palestine.

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Sebastian Fritz – six weeks at CHIGOL – he writes:


9.7.2016 | Hola a tod@s!

My name is Sebastian Fritz. I’m 25 years old and have been at KICKFAIR since the sixth grade – a pretty long time! In the beginning, I just played. Then I became a street football mediator and, as a youth leader, I continued to take on more and more at KICKFAIR. Now I’m a team member at the organisation. You see, the concept had me convinced, and I now work to actively participate in it. Over the past 11 years, I’ve had a number of different roles and diverse opportunities for exchange and learning, with project partners in Germany, but also with partners in the international learning cooperative across the world.

I had already been familiar with CHIGOL for many years and have experienced and participated in their various youth meetings and projects in our Football-Learning-Global network. Now, I have the opportunity for a stay at CHIGOL. Over the next six weeks, I’ll finally have the chance to experience their work not only in theory, but also on the ground.

Not only does CHIGOL use street football and its related activities, but also other approaches to youth work as well, such as hip hop and rap.

I’m really looking forward to learning more through valuable exchanges, bringing in my experience and taking back new lessons to further my work at KICKFAIR.

During my first few days here, we’ve already given workshops as part of our shared Football-Learning-Global project “Street Football and Children’s Rights”. We’ve been working with our guidebook and have already been spraying children’s rights, bringing colour to the streets of the Cerro Navia district, the area CHIGOL calls home.

Since I only understand a bit of Spanish and don’t speak it, I was pretty surprised that right away the children on the pitch wanted to learn a few words of English or German. That’s why I’m going to try to act as an English/German teacher during my time here. I’m pleased with the openness and hospitality here in the area.

I’m excited to see what happens and if my modest football skills are enough. But just like our local work in Germany, fun, respect, and shared experience are what counts in street football.

Hasta luego! Sebi

Hip Hop and Children’s Rights Workshop with Gino and Kim in Plochingen


8.6.2016 | Experts from the South, Kimhong from Cambodia and Gino from Chile, visited the Marquardt School in Plochingen today. The day was unique, as Gino sat down with nine students from grades seven and eight with the goal of writing his own rap song to record afterwards! At home in Santiago de Chile, Gino works on lyrics, texts, and hip hop songs with children and teenagers at his organisation CHIGOL, and is himself a passionate rapper.

In Plochingen, Kimhong opened with a clapping game from her organisation SALT, which created a relaxed atmosphere and a good starting point for Gino to present his work with Chigolitos Rap. He explained how hip hop workshops are embedded into the work at CHIGOL, and that they meet twice a week to write rap lyrics, which they then record at their recording studio.

The first challenge was to have everyone agree on which beat to use, as Gino had brought with him a wide selection of rhythms. He then invited them to think of images and themes to match with the beat. Muhammad Ali, who died a few days before the workshop, was an idol for many in the group and provided a symbol for fighting against war. They expressed their thoughts in the resulting song about children’s rights, in which they demanded protection against war.

It was amazing to see how their insecurities in the beginning gradually gave way to feelings of joy and pride as they heard the beat and rapped their two lines into the microphone. The results are impressive – in just one morning, students wrote and recorded their own hip hop song at the Marquardt School in Plochingen!