The “Brazil 2014 – one Game, one Vision, one World” Project is Over


17.07.2014 | Our worldwide cooperative Football-Learning-Global project “Brazil 2014 – one Game, one Vision, one World” is finally over. Worldwide, over 2000 adolescents from all FLG countries have been engaging with the topics of Brazil, the World Cup, and street football for over six months. Furthermore, they have been discussing the vision and the partner organizations of our FLG network and developed their own messages about what street football means for them and what they can share with other street footballers around the world. Chigol, Formação, and KICKFAIR compiled the project manual for the project, with which the participating schools and project groups were able to implement for the collaborative effort.

A further – and central – part of the project was the collaborative global FLG World Cup. Approximately 2500 young persons around the world, playing as representatives for the FLG countries, scored points for the collective World Cup score chart. After 30 tournaments in Germany, Israel and Palestine, Kenya, Rwanda, Chile, Paraguay, Cambodia, and Brazil, our Football-Learning-Global World Champion is certain: the adolescents representing Israel and Palestine and Chile scored exactly the same number of points, tying for first place!

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+++25.06.+++Around 50 students from the Erich-Kästner-School in Ostfildern played their One game, one vision, one world – tournament. In the end Germany was the winner followed by Brazil+++

… actual global table


Kenyan-German final of the global streetfootball world championship


06.07.2014 | Since March youth from all across the world is playing the “FLG streetfootballworld worldchampionship as part of our global project “Brazil 2014: one game-one vision-one world”. In mixed teams they do represent one of the 9 Football-Learning-Global Organizations and collect points for the common table.  After a great start in Battambang, Cambodia on the 8th of March, the football was rolling across 8 countries and  more than 25 tournaments  were taking place.

Now we are now looking forward to the big final taking place on the 8th of Juli as a common action of the primary school am Insulaner in berlin and Hodi in Kenia. Via video, the youngsters in both countries will be connected during the tournament, sending messages, exchanging about streetfootball and realizing an African-German final – not against each other but with one another!

We are keeping our fingers crosses and are looking forward to our Football-Learning-Global world champion!

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The Conclusion of the “Brazil 2014 – One Game, one Vision, one World” Festival in Fortaleza


05.06.2014 | “What a fantastic week it was”, summarized Noor from Kenya at the conclusion of the festival in Brazil. He just finished an intensive week in Brazil, filled with podium discussions, workshops, and various work groups, all dealing with the question of how football can be used as a tool for political participation, education, learning, and development. Furthermore, there were diverse and numerous possibilities to experience the potential of the sport and of the football, especially in practice. Adolescents from across Brazil, as well as representatives from schools, universities, and both political organizations and nongovernment organizations came together for this festival from May 26th-30th.

For Football-Learning-Global, the festival offered a space where the direct exchange and evaluation of completed cooperative projects could be fostered and new plans for the future could be developed. Consequently, representatives from all of the FLG partner organizations in Cambodia, Kenya, Rwanda, Israel, Palestine, Germany, Chile, and Paraguay traveled to Fortaleza for this evaluation and development. Chigol’s Juan commented that this festival was a once in a lifetime opportunity and the first time since the last big meeting five years ago that representatives from all organizations were able to come together: “I am very happy that we were able to cooperatively plan our future here and to develop concrete projects for the upcoming years until 2016.”

Moreover, all of the FLG partners had street football messages from their countries with them in their bags. These messages had been developed there beforehand in preparation for the festival. These messages were presented in the state parliament in Ceará and finally became part of an exhibition about FLG. A further high point during the week was the international street football tournament on the Fortaleza beach. Here the adolescents played together with the international representatives there in the name of the FLG partner countries. They played for points for the global FLG-World Cup, a current part of the global “One Game, one Vision, one World” project still taking place until June 13th (see

The Festival “Brazil 2014 – One Game, one Vision, one World” was organized by Formação and KICKFAIR and executed in tandem with the Football-Learning-Global and the Rejupe networks. The festival was supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, UNICEF, the Assemblia Legislativa from Ceará, Cuca Barra, the state government in Ceará, the Ministry of Sports, UFC, UFMA, and the GIZ (Project Football for Development).

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Program Flyer from the Festival

National FLG-Festival at KICKFAIR


19.05.2014 | The national festival “Brazil 2014: one Game – one Vision – one World” took place at KICKFAIR from May 16th-18th. Over 130 students and 34 teachers from 20 schools across Germany met in Ostfildern (near Stuttgart) for the exchange. There were many different types of schools represented (college preparatory, secondary schools, special needs schools, etc.) and the youths from 5th-12th grade were completely intermixed. This was completely intentional and both the entire event and the festival were organized in this manner. Older and younger students from different schools were able to discuss their projects and experiences in various workshops. They got to learn about different perspectives, project activities, and possibilities from each other, like, for example, how to work with the street football method, which consequently led them to being able to bring back new ideas for activities to their own schools. Furthermore, they developed various messages for Brazil, which were then collaboratively worked into the following message at the end of the festival: “Utilize your challenges to create visions for a better world”.

Even at the street football tournament on Saturday, the students played in completely intermixed teams – “big and small”, “girls and boys”. A teacher from the Bruno H. Bürgel School in Rathenow remarked, “at first, I was a little bit skeptical if it would work – but my students are really excited, they are having a lot of fun!”

The tournament was a part of the global street football world cup taking place in the “Brazil 2014 – one Game, one Vision, one World” project. The teams played in the respective national colors of the countries from the FLG partner countries they represented. At the end of the tournament, the Cambodia team scored the most points. As a result, Cambodia is currently leading the global score chart ahead of India and Chile with 74.

The teachers hat a lot of space and a lot of time during the festival to discuss their own project activities and experiences with each other. “It was a really important meeting for me” remarked one teacher from the Scharrerschule in Nürnberg. “I met like-minded people…and I didn’t just have fun with the exchange, but it also gave me the motivation and power I continually need for my work at school.” Another teacher saw things similarly: “While exchanging ideas and stories with others, I felt like I continually rediscovered the impetus that I need in order to be able to continue to anchor the educational approach at our school. Meanwhile, everybody seems to have grown into a sort-of national team. We are learning from each other and are continuing to further develop things together.”

Students from the Hauptschule Scharrerstraße help train their teachers further


24.03.2014 | The student-teacher roles in the Hauptschule Scharrerstraße in Nürnberg were switched for 90 minutes. Eight students from the 5th-9th classes developed a training seminar for their teachers in tandem with their contact person(s) in their school and with KICKFAIR. The topic of the seminar was “Street Football and Fair Play in Theory and in Practice”. After intensive preparations, the event was finally and independently led and moderated by the groups of students.

After the social and creative vision of street football had been created and the guidelines explained, the teachers found themselves in the role of the players in the seminar’s practical part. Meanwhile, the students mediated.

The teacher’s final response was positive without exception, and from this seminar, various ideas arose, like, for example, how the school’s approach up to now can continue to be used in the school. In particular, the students were given the unusual and new experience and opportunity to share their own knowledge with the teachers and to be taken seriously while doing so.

The student group at the Hauptschule Scharrerstraße has been developing projects about street football in the FLG network for years and implementing them at its school. Since the beginning of the current school year, the centerpiece of their engagement is a self-founded and self-planned SchulAG (extra-curricular activity) where young, “new” students can be recruited for the project.

Our Football-Learning-Global World-Championship is about to start in Cambodia


08.03.2014 | After months of preparation finally the big moment has arrived! This Saturday we can start to cross our fingers! This day our global series of tournaments starts in Battambang in Cambodia realized by the Salt Academy. 10 mixed teams will play for the first points of our common global table.
All teams will represent one national team of our Futbol-Learning-Global countries. In parallel to the tournament life-skill lessons about Gender Role will be realized. Of course we will inform you immediately about the first results!

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Collaborative Peace Tournament – Germany, Israel and Palestina


05.12.2013 | For the second time, the peace tournament between KICKFAIR and the Peres Center for Peace in Israel took place in both countries at the same time. On the German side of things, the tournament was organized and played in the Erich-Kästner School in Nellingen (in Baden-Württemberg); on the Israeli side of things, young girls from Israel and Palestine participated in the tournament. Since the beginning of the school year and leading up to the tournament, the 8th grade students from the Erich-Kästner School spent time learning about the topic of peace, as well as the organization of the tournament; the same can be said for the Peres Center for Peace in Israel.

The youth from Israel, Palestine, and Germany started the tournament simultaneously via a two-way Skype video call, where they could see each other and share in the opening moments despite vast geographical distances. Both the players and the spectators were able to share in the experience of the tournament in the other country and to share in the excitement and celebrations over this Skype connection. Alongside the collaborative street football, the thought of peaceful coexistence was an almost tangible presence. For the participants from both countries, the youths were able to get to know each other through messages, which they sent each other via a shared Facebook page, as well as through workshops. On the so-called “third court”, the students were able to scroll through various Peace Games.

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Exchange with KICKFAIR youth leaders at the Peres Center for Peace in Israel


November 11, 2013 | Seven KICKFAIR Youth Leaders spent a week with youth from the projects of the Peres Center for Peace in Israel. Workshops about the teamwork regarding street football in Germany, Israel, and Palestine took center stage during the week. Biographies were the starting point of the exchange: where do I live and what daily challenges do I face? What do I want to change? How can street football, KICKFAIR, and the Peres Center for Peace help me in this? What rolls and tasks can I do to make the project successful?

Alongside these questions, the youth leaders discussed various perceptions, “truths,” “falsehoods,” and the influence the media exerts, but also about how they could contribute to changing these perspectives as youths. In this sense, they discussed more concretely the methods of street football and relayed their own experiences and knowledge with each other.

The planning of the peace tournament was also a part of their stay. In the weeks leading up to the tournament, the students at the Erich-Kästner Primary- and Middle School in Ostfildern/Nellingen will spend school time devoted to getting to know the country of Israel, its religion, and history, and will then compile diverse and creative ways, games, and approaches to the topic of peace.

The peace tournament will take place on December 5th at both the Erich-Kästner school in Nellingen and in Israel simultaneously. The Wichernschuls Fellbach and the Marquardtschule Plochingen from the FLG-network will also be present. During this year, not only actual football games will be played at the same time, but the students will also be undergoing the same workshops and games related to the previously arranged theme and topics of freedom.

Youth from Wulfen travel to their partner school in São Bento


September 30, 2013 | Students from the Wulfen comprehensive school and their Brazilian partner school, CEMP, had the opportunity to experience global learning during a recent visit of Wulfen students to Brazil. After arriving in São Luis, the capital of the state Maranhão, the group paid a visit to Formação and learned about the various areas of work and structure of the organisation. Following this, they took part in a 12-day visit to their partner school, CEMP, in São Bento.

They had the chance to talk about their experiences with street football, as well as their engagement and responsibility in the community. This was demonstrated through their shared organisation of a street football tournament at the Plaza de Eventus in the centre of São Bento, in which various schools from the city took part. A discussion about German and Brazilian football culture provided an opportunity for participants to connect through playing together. They were quite surprised at how matches in their countries were similar or sometimes even identical.

The time together was also used to lay the plans for shared projects during the time leading up to 2014, when the Brazilians will visit Germany. Through these discussions, they came up with the idea to implement a joint project on the realities of life, involving presentations from both sides with integration of the whole school. In addition, participants are planning a street football tournament to take place simultaneously in both countries. They also decided to improve communication by creating shared blogs in addition to the Skype calls that have previously taken place.

A highlight of the experience was definitely the visit to the Lençóis Maranhenses national park, which took place at the end of the trip. On top of street football, São Bento and Wulfen are now connected through shared experiences, projects, and visions for the future. The trip was sponsored by the ENSA Programme and is part of a longer learning partnership between the schools, which has existed since 2011.