New forms of cohabitation for the 21st century school – First International Seminar “CHIGOL School” in Chile


November 19, 2012 | On 26th October 2012, the Chilean Organisation CHIGOL organized its first “International Seminar CHIGOL School”. The aim of the seminar was to present the model “CHIGOL School” developed by CHIGOL to the wider public. The schools working with this model use street football to debate problems in school cohabitation in all classes and to define 10 points for new forms of cohabitation with the participation of all students.

At the beginning of the seminar, there was a practical orientation to the method of street football. Subsequently a video was presented in which rectors of various schools reported their experiences with street football at their schools. Julia Wöhrle of KICKFAIR and Matías Luna from the Organisation Fundación Defensores del Chaco from Argentina presented their experiences and concepts in the work with schools.

In a podium discussion with youth from Chile, Germany and Argentina, their experiences as school mediators in street football were debated. At the conclusion of the seminar, a panel discussion took place with students from the Faculty of Sociology at the Universität Diego Portales and the Faculty of Social Pedagogy at the Universidad Católica who did their internships at CHIGOL. The students presented the results of the studies conducted in this framework on various aspects of the work done by CHIGOL.

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Start of the worldwide Street Football Relay gloBALL in Pai Puku


October 15, 2012 | On Saturday, 13th February the moment had finally arrived! The worldwide Street Football Relay gloBALL started in Pai Puki, Paraguay with a big Street Football Day at the Pai Puku School. The entire school took part in this event.

The relay gloBALL is jointly organized by international youth teams from street football projects in Germany, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Argentine, Israel, Cambodia, Rwanda and Kenya. The jointly developed motto is: Playing and learning without borders. The Street Football Relay brings together thousands of youngsters worldwide. Participants consist of schools and other educational organizations. In each participating school and organization, a youth-organized street football event takes place. In these events, not only is street football played, but also workshops on different themes of global learning take place.

The youth team wants to place a special focus on the themes of integration and inclusion in this relay. The results of tournament are handed over to the next organizer in a short video message as the relay baton. With these events, the local project work around street football will be made visible to the public. In a common Facebook group, the international youth team has been in permanent contact with each other for several months in order to plan the relay.
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Learning partners meeting in Chile

13-10-2012 |

October 13, 2012 | Nine students of the Mühlendorf-Oberschule in Teltow travelled to Santiago, Chile to meet the youth of Colegio Teresianade, the school Sargento Candelaria 407, the CHIGOLITOS group and other schools. With the theme “Together we can” they discuss the themes of global learning, particularly the theme racism and discrimination, for two weeks.

The encounter is part of a long term learning partnership between the two schools. For more than a year, the youth of both schools have been having a discussion over internet on street football and other themes. For example, that is how a parallel project week on the theme of street football and racism took place in April 2012. This discussion will be further developed in the next meeting.

German and Chilean youth mentors from Hans-Klakow-Oberschule Brieselang and the Escuela Millahue support the students. They share their experiences gained in the previous years in the framework of their partnership and meetings. To cap off the meeting, a street football tournament takes place in the framework of the worldwide Street Football Relay GloBall with students of various schools.

“Through Life With a Ball” – Material translated in various languages


September 9, 2012 | The learning material “Through Life With a Ball” jointly developed by the project partners of Football-Learning-Global network has now been translated in a range of languages. With 13 exciting biographies of young girls and women, different communal, cultural and political realities are presented in the material. The translation was achieved thanks to the support of UNAOC (United Nation’s Alliance of Civilization) and the BMW Group. The material and its application was awarded the Intercultural Innovation Award in 2011 from both of these organizations.
With the translation of this material, the basis for worldwide application of this material is established. In the framework of Football-Learning-Global the content and result of the worldwide discussion over the material will be documented and made available in future. That would enable an exciting and global comparison of perspectives and perceptions.

Once again parallel Project Days in Wulfen and Saõ Bento


September 30, 2012 | In the framework of their learning partnership, the Boarding School Wulfen and the School CEMP in Brazil have organized parallel Project Days for the second time already (see report further below). From 24th to 28th September, the youth discussed questions around street football in both countries parallel in their schools. On both sides, work was done with street football biographies from the material “Through Life With a Ball“. The youth exchanged the results and content of these discussions directly with each other over Skype.

In Wulfen the students had the chance to meet Kassiana from Brazil during the Project Days. She is active at the OrganisationFormação that is working closely with the School CEMP on street football and supports the implementation of the learning partnership with Wulfen.

For her the joint Project Days were a special experience. She was surprised to find the strong interest of German youth in dialogue and in the realities of life and perspectives of the Brazilian youth partners: “These were really productive days, in which the youth intensively discussed the meaning of street football in the everyday life of others and their communities.”

At the closing Skype conversation, concrete steps for further cooperation were established. Through photos and videos, the youth want to exchange their respective lifestyle in the coming weeks. A joint street football tournament is also planned, that should take place in both countries.

Kassiana from Brazil introduces herself

September 26, 2012 | Kassiana Pessoa from Brazil is guest Youth Leader at Kickfair for three months. During her stay, Kassiana will organize workshops as Southern expert on street football and global learning at schools all over Germany. One of the key points will be the further development of the learning partnership between the school CEMP in Brasil and the Boarding School Wulfen.

Hello, my name is Kassiana Pessoa, I am 25 years old and come from Saõ Luis- Maranhaõ in northern Brazil. Currently I’m studying sports sciences and working at the Organisation Instituto Formaçaõ. My work mainly consists of working with children and youth and to impart social competencies through sport.

Through our work, we try to impart values and discuss topics such as social inclusion, democratization, municipal development and development. Currently I’m at KICKFAIR in Germany. It’s a great chance for me to be here. As part of the KICKFAIR team, we develop ideas how to inculcate global learning in our work and run workshops with youth all over Germany. One further part of my stay is the development of the learning partnership between the school CEMP in Brazil and the Boarding School Wulfen here in Germany. We use the time I’m here and exchange ideas of inclusion, diversity and generally about Brazil. I find it great how much the youth here are interested in me, my work and my country, and I hope to share these with them.

Socheta and Srey Teav from Cambodia as Southern Experts at FLG-Schools in entire Germany

19-09-2012  Socheata and Srey Teav come from Battambang in Cambodia. In the next four weeks they will be part of the team at KICKFAIR. As Southern experts they will organize workshops at Football-Learning-Global Schools all over Germany. Socheata and Srey Teav are participants of the Mighty Girls Program and Youth Leaders at the SALT Academy in Battambang. They live there with other young girls in a boarding school, go to school, play football in a professional environment and train to become trainers. More information about this program at


The direct meeting and the dialogue with the young street football experts from other countries is a central element of the implementation of Football-Learning-Global in Germany. Southern experts are youth who have been engaging in the field of street football in their organizations for a long time and have become idols and mentors for other youth. In the meeting, the global dimension of street football for youth in Germany can be experienced concretely. They get authentic insights in the other living styles and issues and discuss visions for a fair, worldwide encounter with other youth leaders.

Youth-Leader Meeting at KICKFAIR with Rotem and Lisa from Israel and Palestine

July 4, 2012 | Rotem, Lisa (both Youth Leaders from Israel and Palestine), Marcel, Tarek, Michi, Helga and Mimoza (all five Youth Leaders at KICKFAIR) sit together at the KICKFAIR office. They discuss, exchange ideas, write on the flipchart, Skype with other youth from Israel and Palestine, and speak with other youth from the projects to hear their feedback.
Rotem and Lisa spend over a week KICKFAIR and are planning a joint, trilateral peace tournament with KICKFAIR Youth Leaders. The simultaneous Tournament will bring together youth from Israel, Palestine and Germany, who will play together for peace and mutual understanding. In Germany various schools from Ostfildern will participate.

Street Football, Inclusion & Learning in FLG-Schools in Bariloche and surroundings


July 4, 2012 | For several years Cre-Arte has been developing school specific classrooms with the method street football together with schools from Bariloche and the nearby villages. At three schools of the region, two in the metropolitan area Bariloche and one in El Bolson, Cre-Arte now combines the teaching approach street football with the topic children’s rights as well as with elements from arts and theater.
Through this approach of sports and the concept of mediator, content on “Right to Play, for freedom of expression and identity” is developed. In the schools the workshops are run together with experienced street football mediators from the Cre-Arte-Center for adults with disabilities.

The Southern Experts Carlos, Moises and Gilbert present themselves

Since the start of June, Moises from Chile, Carlos from Paraguay and Gilbert from Rwanda are in Germany. They are staying for a two-month exchange at KICKFAIR. As southern experts at FLG-Schools they are organizing workshops all over Germany on street football and global learning.
web_FLG_klein-moisesMy name is Moises Giusseppe Frigerio Huanquilen, I am 21 years old and the eldest of six siblings. I live in the metropolitan area Pudahuel in Santiago, Chile and I’ve been working for four years in the street football organization Chigol. I started as a player and in the meantime I am a coach in the neighborhood Cerro Navia, a neighboring quarter to my residence. I work mainly in suburbs and Schools. I can see it again and again in the youth, how important our work and the development of social and personal competencies are and that the youth learn to respect their fellow humans and to value life. I draw motivation from this time and again.

web_FLG_klein_carlosHello, I am Carlos from Pa’I Puku- CDI- Paraguay. I live in the Chaco region in a school called Pa’I Puku. Here I learned about the project Partidí (Street football). Through this method, young boys and girls have the possibility to express what they feel and to share their thoughts, irrespective of gender, age or origin. Today I work as a coach in this project with youth and children. We try to develop values through football, and to implement these values in daily life for a better cohabitation.

web_FLG_klein_cilbertHello, I am Gilbert Ndayambaje. I am 28 years old and come from Rwanda. I have just completed law school and would like to do my Master. I work since 2004 at Espérance. My first project was called Jeux de Vacances (Vacation Sports).

Here I was in charge of the organization of tournaments and Rwanda’s traditional games. In the last seven years I took part as assistant in various projects, for example in the peace tournament in the framework of Football for Hope. Moreover I organized and implemented training for our volunteers. A very special experience for me was a project in South Africa (Sport for social change), in which I successfully added our special method of forum theater. Through my stays in countries like Germany and Brazil, I learned a lot about other cultures and lifestyles. Such experiences, that one makes during work, also help him later in life.