Mayor of Cerro Navia supports student exchange between Escuela Millahue in Chile and Oberschule Brieselang in Germany


31. July 2010 | There had been previous talks between CHIGOL and the municipal administration about the content and aims of the learning partnership, as well as a possible second student exchange between Escuela Millahue and the Oberschule Brieselang. Now, at a meeting on July 28 with CHIGOL, the mayor of Cerro Navia has said he will support this exchange through the Department for Sport and Education.
Eight young people from the district of Cerro Navia will participate in the exchange, which will take place from August 31 to September 18. One year ago the first exchange between both schools took place in Chile.

International Symposium on Global Learning through Football


April 12, 2010 | From April 8 to 15, all project partners of Global Learning through Football met for a week-long international symposium at KICKFAIR. Together they discussed and decided upon content and conceptual guidelines for the partnership.
Concrete project ideas for 2010 and 2011, were developed for implementation, offering new opportunities for various exchanges between young people in the respective countries worldwide.

The peace caravan (Caravanamani) visits a GLF school


March 27, 2010 | Walking for peace from Berlin to Johannesburg, via Ostfildern, Valletta, Cairo, Assuan, Khartoum, Marsabit, Jinjo, and Kigali, they hope to arrive in time for the FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg. “They” is a group of seven young athletes, artists, and actors from Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, and Germany. Together they make up the “Caravanamani” (peace caravan). At each stop they meet with locals and talk to them about their home and their living situation, hoping to address not only regional conflicts but also the global dimensions thereo.
The peace caravan was organized by Espérance in Rwanda. Young participants from Ostfildern and Kigali had already been in contact since 2008. In the context of Global Learning through Football, a learning partnership was built up and sustainably integrated into the school life of the Erich-Kästner Hauptschule in Ostfildern. The students there decorated their school with expressive pictures from last year’s Africa Acryl Project to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the peace caravan guests and to promote the cause.

Project week: “Learning about democracy in school through street soccer” at Escuela Millahue


March 20, 2010 | For one week, all classes at Escuela Millahue discussed the question of democracy within their school. In pre-school this was done through painting workshops in which both parents and students participated. The higher grades approached the topic through discussions. The aim of the project week was, according to Rubén, principal of the Millahue 405 School, “to reflect, live, and define the daily coexistence of all participants in the school’s life in a positive way.”
Escuela Millahue got the idea for a democracy week from its partner school in Brieselang.
During a visit, Principal Christof Kürschner described the project as successful. Oberschule Brieselang had previously developed a new set of school regulations based on street soccer and rule development workshops with the students.→ Link

Learning together around the globe – A special example of global learning

Juli 2009

July 2009 | Students of the Erich-Kästner-Hauptschule proudly present their book “Respect,” for which they received the student prize of Baden-Württemberg. Over the course of a year they worked on it with young people from their partner organization Espérance in Rwanda. The starting point was this: “What would our world look like if we would took peace as seriously as we do football?” Both partners wrote texts on the topic and compared their views with one another. The book was illustrated with pictures by disabled artists from the organization Cre-Arte in Argentina.

November 2009 11th grade students at Escuela Siglo XXI in Bariloche (Argentina) excitedly listen to stories from the book “Respect” as read to them by Florian, Matthias, and Fabricio (three ASA fellows). Inspired by the ideas of young people from Germany and Rwanda, they start to work on their own projects. In literature and art workshops, the Argentine students discuss the topic of peace and express their own thoughts in various ways.

The positive experiences and excitement of the students from Argentina are a good example of a central tenant of Global Learning through Football: young people from around the world can learn from each other, develop common ideas and visions, and – through their projects and products – influence the global learning content of other young people worldwide.

Two weeks in Chile changed my life: The Hans-Klakow-Oberschule on the meeting with their learning partner in Chile


October 19, 2009 | Eight students from the Hans-Klakow-Oberschule Brieselang traveled to Chile to visit their learning partners from September 17 to October 4, 2009 at the Escuela Millahue school and partner organization Chigol. After a long and intensive preparation phase, beginning with getting to know each other over the internet, the exchange began with great expectations, but also with a few worries. “I was afraid that we could not talk to each other. I don’t speak Spanish and the Chilean students don’t speak German. But it was nothing like that, we were able to talk to each other without verbal language and the Chileans were very nice and hospitable,” says Jennifer Tiede following the trip.

Street football was of course the focus of the exchange. On the first day we took part in the tournament “Peace one day” in the district of Cerro Navia. The streets were blocked, goals were put up, the field was marked, and there we go. “I noticed that the Chileans were more open than my fellow students. They approached us directly and tried to talk to us. Street football played an important role.

We were able to compare rules and discovered differences in playing styles as well as common elements,” continues Jennifer Tiede. “We got to know about life in Chile and make friends through the working together, playing together, and taking trips to see our friend’s families. We discussed stereotypes about our countries and people and discovered that we have a lot of things in common.”
Unfortunately the time in Chile went by too quickly. “The farewell party was a special thing for me. We planted a tree together and wrote our names on stones that we put around the tree in a heart-shaped circle. There was absolute silence while doing this and we thought about the good time we had shared. The two weeks spent in Chile changed my life; we made new friends who are very close to us now. I became more confident and responsible for my own life,” adds Jennifer.

Through the establishment of the partnership, Chigol and KICKFAIR succeeded in linking the project “Global Learning through Football” to two development projects: ENSA and ASA. Both programs are supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and are implemented by InWent. The process of preparing, implementing, and evaluating the exchange was therefore very well supported.

Report by: Christof Kürschner, Steven, Max, Lars, Jan, Jennifer, Charleen, Jennifer, Elena

Honorable award: Student Award of Baden-Württemberg awarded to GLF school from Ostfildern


July 26, 2009 | “Today’s award recipients showed us that Hauptschulen [schools that are less competitive than normal high schools] can do excellent work. All participants in the competition showed a high commitment and were extraordinarily engaged. A vibrant society is based on such engagement. The example set by the awardees can give us a lot of hope,” said chairman of the supervisory board of the Land Foundation, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg Günther H. Oettinger on July 24 at the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. He also addressed the Erich-Kästner Hauptschule Ostfildern regarding its international book project “Respect.”

The starting point for the idea of the book project was the question of a 14-year old student at the Erich Kästner School during a school exchange last year in Rwanda (see report below). He wanted to know what the world would look like if we would take peace as seriously as we do football. In dealing with this topic, young people from Kigali and different schools in Ostfildern, Germany produced a series of impressive essays, all of which deal with acceptance, fairness, equality, and respect for different world views. Together with illustrations by Cre-Arte (Argentina) on the same topic, these texts were published in July 2009 together as a book.

→ Film

Visit by Pablo from Chile at the Hans-Klakow-Oberschule in Brieselang


May 18, 2009 | The project exchange in Chile between the Hans-Klakow-Oberschule in Brieselang and the school Millahue in Santiago, which was planned in the context of the learning cooperation, is about to be implemented in September. From May 13 to 16, Pablo Hewstone from Chigol in Chile was a guest in Brieslang. Chigol supports the exchange on the Chilean side as well as the learning cooperation between the two schools.
Pablo’s visit was used to plan the content of the project exchange and to develop a long-term vision of the partnership, which should continue long after the exchange itself. Supported by both Chigol and KICKFAIR, the schools want to use the shared learning environment of street football to develop projects around the topics of democracy building, conflict resolution, and violence prevention.

First direct student exchange between learning cooperation partners Erich-Kästner school in Ostfildern and Espérance in Kigali

November 7, 2008 | Which role does street football play in gender equality, conflict resolution, and peace building in the context of coming to terms with the Rwandan genocide? Seven students from the Erich-Kästner-Hauptschule in Ostfildern came to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, with these exciting but also very serious questions. From October 27 to November 5, they met with young participants from the partner organization Espérance and worked intensively together creating new project content. Dominique, who works at Espérance, had already been a guest at the Erich-Kästner school for several weeks from June to July.

Over several months, participants on both sides prepared workshops that focused on exchanging information about the living environment of the respective students as well as other global issues. The students of the Erich-Kästner school, for example, developed workshops on “team building” and “street football and hip hop.” Students at Espérance conversely implemented workshops on street football and theater. All developed texts, songs, and plays to be reviewed by their fellow students, which they plan to publish as a book.

Astrid-Lindgren school visits CDI in Paraguay

May 20, 2008 | Over the Easter holidays, Franz Kaifel, principal of the Astrid-Lindgren school in Ulm, and teacher Susanne Reutter visited their learning cooperation partner CDI in Paraguay. Everybody at the school of the CDI was excited when the guests from Germany finally arrived. The students immediately started asking questions for the learning partner: questions about Germany, the school in Ulm, and the lives of their student counterparts. Both schools have been in contact for over a year.
The starting point was street football, which is very important to students from the two institutions. The first big project which evolved from this partnership was a German- Paraguayan calendar for which students send each other self designed calendar pages that show the cultural and everyday specifics of the respective month (customs, holidays, songs, poems, pictures etc.).