Streetfootball and Children`s Rights

Streetfootball and Children’s rights, that was the common project of the internationale learning collaboration of Formaçao (Brazil), Peres Center for Peace (Israel and Palestine), Chigol (Chile), Centro para el desarollo de la inteligencia (CDI) and Paí Pukú (Paraguay), Espérance (Rwanda), Hodi (Kenya), SALT Academy/Mighty Girls (Cambodia) and KICKFAIR (Germany).

Based on the jointly developed action guide translated into 4 languages (German, English, Portugese and Spanish – see below) , 27 events and hundreds of workshops about street football and children’s rights took place in all participating countries during 2016. With the help of this guide, participants experienced the global dimension of the project while also discussing the local significance of children’s rights. What are the rights of the child? How are they implemented at home and in other parts of the world? What do they have to do with street football? Youngsters dealt worldwide with these and further topics.Youth Leader from all the partner organizations were actively involved in the planning and organization. A selection of Youth Leader had the opportunity for work stays in some of the organizations supported the realization of the common project.

Participants regularly posted their activities on facebook, therefore identifying and creating connections to the shared project over many months. The focus always remained on the shared global table and the collection of match points on the way to the top.

During the streefootball events, all participating teams played in the “national jerseys” of one of the participating countries – which one was decided by lot. The points gained for this country payed into the common global table. This allowed the youngsters to follow their teams and their position in the global table until December 2016. The global table was beside the action guide another linking element of the Streetfootball and Children’s rights World Cup. The Children’s Rights World Cup kicked off in March 2016 in Cambodia and toured around the world before ending shortly before Christmas in northern Brazil. In the end, Chile has earned the title of 2016 champion!

Over the course of the year, all partners integrated the common contents and concepts into their daily work on the ground: street football and children’s rights – the topic continues.