Fútbol Callejero & Derechos de la Niñez

Streetfootball and Children’s rights, that is the current common “Football-Learning-Global” Project of the year 2016. Between March and December 2016 a variety of workshops and streetfootball-events will take place in all participating countries. Youth Leader from all these organizations are actively involved in the planning and organization. A selection of Youth Leader will have the opportunity for work stays in some of the organizations supporting the realization of the common project.

What are children’s rights? How are they being implemented here, in our country, and how abroad? What does this have to do with streetfootball and how is this related to our project work? Youngsters will deal worldwide with these topics. Doing this, they all use the same manual that has been developed commonly within the international learning collaboration in the past months – the members of this network are Chigol (Chile), Formaçao (Brazil), Salt Academy/Mighty Girls (Cambodia), Espérance (Rwanda), Hodi (Kenia), Peres Center for Peace (Israel/Palestine), Centro para el desarollo de la inteligencia and Paí Pukú (both Paraguay) and KICKFAIR (Germany).

The manual provides a variety of creative possibilities and approaches to deal with the topic and it creates a common fundament for an international exchange.  Another connecting element is the global table: all participating teams play in the “national jerseys” of one of the participating countries – which one is being decided by lot. The points gained for this country pay into the common global table. This allows the youngsters to follow during several months their teams and their position in the global table.